Improving Clinical Accuracy—A Systematic Method for TCM Pattern Differentiation and Treatment

ISBN: 978-7-117-15206-8




Improving Clinical AccuracyA Systematic Method for TCM Pattern Differentiation and Treatment

By Chen Xiang-jun               ISBN: 978-7-117-15206-8                Price: $69.95

Introduction: Chinese Internal Medicine theory is fundamental to all aspects of clinical practice. The proper application of these theories, particularly pattern differentiation; herein lies the key to clinical success. This book serves as a valuable reference for understanding and applying the methods of Chinese medical pattern differentiation by clearly showing the clinical thinking processes of pattern differentiation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Seventy-four selected conditions are discussed here and analyzed step-by-step according to the time-tested diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine, followed by the appropriate treatment methods for each pattern. Medicinal treatment methods include Classical formulas, contemporary empirical formulas, Chinese patent medicines, and acupuncture


Ø  Brief overview of each condition

Ø  Step-by-step pattern differentiation methods

Ø  Relevant biomedical tests

Classical and contemporary CM treatment methods