Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine(Book+DVD)

ISBN: 9787117146500




Author: Dr Chen Jia-xu

Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.9 x 10.5 inches

Pages: 393

Price: $59.95

Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine is based on the course given by Professor Chen Jia-xu at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, as part of the training course for applying the 4 diagnostic methods, pattern differentiation according to the 8 principles, pathogenic factors, qi, blood, and body fluids, zang-fu organs, and other types of pattern differentiation. Prof. Chen clearly explains the diagnostic principles to stimulate faster learning of the complex concepts and principles of Chinese medicine. Visuals including charts, graphs and accompanying DVD help students grasp the basics of CM diagnostic principles.

Dr Chen Jia-xu is a professor, state approved doctoral supervisor, and director of Chinese Medicine Diagnostics in the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.