Physiological Basis of Respiratory Disease

ISBN: 1-55009-236-7





793 pages

11.1 x 8.8 x 1.5 inches

Publication Date: September 1, 2005


Qutayba Hamid MD, PhD

Associate Director, Meakins-Christie Laboratories

McGill University Health Centre; Montreal, Quebec


James Martin MD, BSc

Director of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories

Professor of Medicine, McGill University; Montreal, Quebec


Joanne Shannon MD, BA

Director of the Meakins-Christie Laboratories

Professor of Medicine, McGill University; Montreal, Quebec


Physiological Basis of Respiratory Disease covers the important areas of respiratory physiology of particular relevance for pulmonary fellows and academic physicians. The text provides a solid basis for the understanding of the physiological basis for the major respiratory diseases. The contents are based on past and present research strengths of the Meakins Christie Laboratories with the majority of contributors comprised of former alumni. Physiological Basis of Respiratory Disease features a unique collection of topics, spanning classical physiological concepts to present day research. The clinical relevance of various research findings is examined and interpreted for the reader. Presented in an accessible format, need-to-know information is supported by a thorough selection of illustrations and references. The text is also applicable to other fields such as physiotherapy and inhalation therapy.

Table of Contents


1.         Histology and Gross Anatomy of the Respiratory Tract

                        Richard S. Fraser


2.         Statics of the Respiratory System

                        Edgardo D’Angelo, Joseph Milic-Emili

3.         Statics of the Lung

                        Joseph Milic-Emili, Edgardo D’Angelo

4.         The Act of Breathing: Dynamics

                        Peter T. Macklem

5.         Respiratory Mechanics in Infants and Children

                        Peter D. Sly, Felicity S. Flack, Zoltan Hantos

6.         The Physics of Expiratory Flow Limitation

                        Jason H.T. Bates

7.         The Act of Breathing: The Ventilatory Pump

                        Peter T. Macklem

8.         Pulmonary Statics in Disease

                        Paolo Carbonara, David H. Eidelman

9.         Structure-Function Correlations in Pulmonary Fibrosis

                        Anne Gonzalez, Mara S. Ludwig


10.       Structure-Function Relationships in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                        Manuel G. Cosio, Marina Saetta, Heberto Ghezzo, Simonetta Baraldo

11.       Structure Function Correlations in Asthma

                        Mara S. Ludwig

12.       Structure-Function Relationships in Airway Disease: Analysis by CT Imaging

                        Michiaki Mishima

13.       Breathing Strategies in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

                        James G. Martin


14.       Ventilation Distribution

                        Joseph Milic-Emili

15.       Gas Convection and Diffusion

                        Manuel Paiva, Sylvia Verbanck

16.       Lung Vasculature: Functional Inferences from Microstructure

                        Dean E. Schraufnagel

17.       Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships

                        Peter D. Wagner

18.       Ventilation-Perfusion Distributions In Disease

                        Antoni Ferrer, Robert Rodriguez Roisin

19.       Pulmonary Edema

                        René P Michel, Peter Goldberg

20.       Oxygen Regulation of Vasomotor Tone

                        David Hall, Duncan Stewart, Michael Ward


21.       Neural Control of Breathing

                        Immanuel Ravé Moss

22.       Actions of the Respiratory Muscles

                        André de Troyer

23.       Biology of the Respiratory Muscles

                        Ghislaine Gayan-Ramirez, March Decramer

24.       Respiratory Muscle Fatigue

                        Spyros Zakynthinos, Charis Roussos

25.       Ventilatory Muscle Injury

                        Xiangyu Wang, Tian-Xi Jiang, Darlene Reid, Jeremy Road

26.       Respiratory Consequences of Neuromuscular Disease

                        Stefan Matecki, Basil J. Petrof

27.       The Respiratory Muscles in Sepsis

                        Camille Taillé, Sophie Lanone, Jorge Boczkowski, Michel Aubier

28.       Rehabilitation of Skeletal Muscles in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                        Thierry Troosters, Rik Gooselink,  Marc Decramer


29.       The Genetics of Respiratory Disease

                        Scott J. Tebbutt, Andrew J. Sandford, Peter D. Paré

30.       Neurohumoral Control of the Airways

                        Marie-Claire Michoud

31.       The Mechanics of Airway Narrowing

                        Peter D. Paré, Peter T. Macklem, Chun Y. Seow, Brent E. McParland

32.       Airway Smooth Muscle: The Contractile Phenotype

                        Elizabeth D. Fixman, Barbara Tolloczko, Anne-Marie Lauzon

33.       Cytokines and Airway Smooth Muscle

                        Stephanie A. Shore

34.       Immunoglobulins and the Lung

                        Salem Al-Tamemi, Bruce Mazer

35.       Mucus and its Role in Airway Clearance and Cytoprotection

                        Malcolm King

36.       Mucocilliary Clearance and Cystic Fibrosis

                        Mark R. Elkins, Peter T.P. Bye

37.       Fluid and Electrolyte Transport in Airways

                        John W. Hanrahan

38.       Epithelial Function in Lung Injury

                        Yves Berthiaume

39.       Cytokines and Chemokines in Asthma: An Overview

                        Meri K. Tulic, Pierre-Olivier Fiset, Zöe Müller, Qutayba Hamid

40.       Nitric Oxide and the Lung

                        Jennifer S. Landry, David H. Eidelman

41.       Viral Infections and Airway Responsiveness

                        Paolo Renzi

42.       Roles of Lipid Mediators in Acute Lung Injury and Pulmonary Fibrosis

                        Takahide Nagase

43.       Eicosanoids and the Lung

                        William S. Powell

44.       Lung Transplantation

                        Tom Kotsimbos


45.       Physiologic Responses to Exercise

Hans C. Haverkamp, Jerome A. Dempsey,  Jordan D. Miller,  Lee M. Romer, Marlowe W. Eldridge

46.       Ventilatory Factors in Exercise Performance in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                        Carmen Lisboa, Orlando Díaz, Gisella Borzone

47.       Practical Assessment of Exercise Limitation

                        Nicholas C. Duffy, Peter M. A. Calverley

48.       Regulation of Skeletal Blood Flow During Exercise

                        Sabah N.A. Hussain, Alain S. Comtois

49.       Peripheral Muscle Dysfunction in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                        Richard Debigaré, François Maltais

50.       Physiology of the Upper Airways and Upper Airway Obstruction in Disease

                        R. John Kimoff

51.       Cardiovascular Consequences of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

                        Stephen R. Coughlin, Peter M.A. Calverley


52.       Complexity and Respiration: A Matter of Life and Death

                        Peter T. Macklem

53.       Sex and Gender Differences in Airway Behavior Across the Human Life Span

                        Margaret R. Becklake, Joanne Shannon

54.       Measurement Techniques in Respiratory Mechanics

                        Jason H.T. Bates

55.       Esophageal Pressure Measurement

                        Walter Araujo Zin, Joseph Milic-Emili

56.       A Guide to the Evaluation of Pulmonary Function

                        Charles G. Irvin

57.       The Single-Breath Carbon Monoxide Diffusing Capacity or Transfer Factor

                        David J. Cotton, Brian L. Graham

58.      Spirometric Predictions of Exercise Limitation in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                      Joseph Milic-Emili, Claudio Tantucci, Nickolaos G. Koulouris

59.       Determinants of Decline in Lung Function

                        Nicholas R. Anthonisen, Jure Manfreda

60.       Assessment of Respiratory Muscles

                        Guy Czaika, Alejandro Grassino

61.       Assessment of Acid-Base Balance: A Physical-Chemical Approach

                        Sheldon Magder

62.       Airway Responsiveness

                        Ron Olivenstein, Rame Taha

63.       Assessment of Forced Expiratory Flows in Infants

                        Robert S. Tepper, Debra Turner

64.       Evaluation of the Patient with Occupational Asthma

                        Catherine Lemière

65.       Physiological Basis for Rehabilitation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

                        Jean Bourbeau, Hélène Perrault

66.       Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

                        Koji Chihara

67.       Diaphragm Responses to Stimulation

                        François Bellemare, Claude Poirier

68.       An Introduction to Lung Morphometry

                        R. Heberto Ghezzo