Interstitial Lung Disease 5th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-60795-024-0




January 2011

1220 Pages, Casebound 

ISBN 978-1-60795-024-0

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Marvin I. Schwarz, MD
James C. Campbell Professor of Pulmonary Medicine
University of Colorado, Denver
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Co-head, Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, Colorado

Talmadge E. King Jr, MD
Julius R. Krevans Distinguished Professorship in Internal Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
San Francisco, California
Interstitial Lung Disease, Fifth Edition is a complete publication of interstitial lung diseases and includes clinical, pathologic, radiologic, and physiologic evaluation of the patient with ILDIt provides a basic pathobiology and a complete description of individual disease entities. The book covers a wide array of disorders – sarcoidosis, asbestosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, drug induced lung disease, connective tissue disease, and pulmonary vasculitis – to name but a few. This new edition also features an examination of future potential therapies for interstitial lung disease.
Interstitial Lung Disease is divided into three sections. The Clinical Approach section provides the basis for recognizing the key features that allow a specific diagnosis to be achieved. The section dedicated to Basic Mechanisms emphasizes the many advances in genetics and cellular and molecular biology that have greatly expanded our understanding of the biological processes involved in the pathogenesis of the interstitial lung diseases. The third section titled Clinical Entities describes the clinical manifestations, radiologic patterns, histopathological features, and management of the specific process.
Key Features
  • Incorporates an expanded attention to the multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis
  • Features more complete descriptions of individual topics
  • Discusses both adult and pediatric interstitial lung disease
  • Includes helpful tables and figures and extensive references

Part 1    Clinical Approach
1    Approach to the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Disease. By Gregory P. Cosgrove and Marvin I. Schwarz 

2    Anatomic Distribution and Histopathologic Patterns of Interstitial Lung Disease. By Kevin O. Leslie, Thomas V. Colby, and David A. Lynch    

3    Physiology of Interstitial Lung Disease. By Chris M. Parker, Michael F. Fitzpatrick, and Denis E. O’Donnell  

4    Pulmonary Hypertension in Interstitial Lung Disease. By Joseph P. Lynch III, John A. Belperio, Michael C. Fishbein, and David A. Zisman    

5    Imaging of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases. By David A. Lynch    

6    Bronchoalveolar Lavage. By Ulrich Costabel and Josune Guzman    

7    Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease. By Leland L. Fan and Megan K. Dishop    

8    Novel Therapies for Idiopathis Pulmonary Fibrosis. By Amy L. Olson and Ganesh Raghu    

Part 2     Basic Mechanisms

9    Genetics of ILD. By Jim Loyd and William Lawson

10    Genomics of ILD. By Thomas Richards and Naftali Kaminski  

11    Virus-Related ILD. By Ana Mora and Jesse Roman

12    Animal Models of ILD. By Felix Chua, Geoffrey J. Laurent, Jack Gauldie, and Martin Kolb  

13    Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of ILD. By Paul W. Noble and Robert M. Tighe

14    Coagulation and Fibrinolysis in Lung Injury and Repair. By Joao de Andrade and Mitchell A. Olman    

15    Role of the Pulmonary Epithelium in the Pathogenesis of ILD. By Kevin K. Kim and Harold A. Chapman  

16    Cytokine Biology and the Pathogenesis of ILD. By Michael P. Keane, John A. Belperio, and Robert M. Strieter    

17    Role and Origin of the Fibroblast in the Pathogenesis of ILD. By Victor J. Thannickal, Galen B. Toews, and Sem H. Phan  

18    Immunologic Events in the Development of ILD: The Paradigm of Sarcoidosis. By Gianpietro Semenzato, Monica Facco, and Carlo Agostini    

Part 3     Clinical Entities

19    Sarcoidosis. By Paolo Spagnolo, Paul Cullinan, and Roland M Du Bois    

20    The Health Effects of Silica and Coal Dust Exposures. By Daniel E. Banks

21    Asbestosis and Asbestosis-Induced Pleural Fibrosis. By Mark P. Steele and David Schwartz    

22    Beryllium Disease.  By Andrew P. Fontenot, Lee S. Newman, and Lisa A. Maier    

23    ILD and Other Occupational Exposures (Hard Metal Pneumococcosis). By Craig S. Glazer, Karin Pacheco, and Lisa A. Maier    

24    Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. By Moisés Selman  

25    Drug-Induced Lung Disease. By Philippe Camus     

26    Connective Tissue Disease, Associated ILD. By Talmadge E. King, Jr., Eunice J. Kim, and Brent W. Kinder

27    Pulmonary Vasculitis. By Ulrich Specks  

28    Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage. By Abigail R. Lara, Stephen K. Frankel, and Marvin I. Schwarz 

29    Eosinophilic Pneumonias. By Jean-François Cordier and Vincent Cottin    

30    Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. By Talmadge E. King, Jr.  

31    Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia. By Fernanco J. Martinez and Kevin R. Flaherty    

32    Smoking-Related ILD. Robert Vassallo, Andrew H. Limper, and Jay H. Ryu    

33    Organizing Pneumonia  

34    Acute Interstitial Pneumonia. By Harold R. Collard and Kevin K. Brown    

35    Bronchiolitis. By Talmadge E. King, Jr.    

36    Lymphoplasmacytic Infiltrations of the Lung. By Gregory P. Cosgrove and Marvin I. Schwarz  

37    Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Clinical Trials. By Arnold S. Kristof and Joel Moss    

38    Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis. By Maurizio Luisetti and Bruce C. Trapnell    

39    Miscellaneous Interstitial Lung Diseases. By Tristan J. Huie and Marvin I. Schwarz    

Book Review from Doody's Books

Joel C Seidman, MD(William Beaumont Hospitals)

This is the fifth edition of a book that broadly addresses all aspects of diffuse parenchymal lung disease or what otherwise would customarily be
referred to as interstitial lung disease or noninfective pneumonitis, processes with relatively slow evolution, involving both lungs, and of often unknown or
poorly understood etiology, but almost certainly not with microbiologic substrate.

The purpose is to present the observations of authorities of diverse experience to provide a comprehensive review of the current state of the art respecting diffuse, for the most part noninfective, parenchymal lung disease.

The audience includes primary care internists, pulmonologists, and intensivists. Nurses, respiratory therapists, and rehabilitators might find the reference
informative when consulting it on rare occasions. It would additionally provide basic science researchers a real-life reference to put a face on applications
carried out in the laboratory.

Derived from the contributions of over 70 internationally known experts, this edition is likely the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatise covering the basic molecular biology and underlying genetics, epidemiology, early diagnosis, and clinical presentation, as well as radiologic and pathologic features of this genre of bronchopulmonary disease. It focuses on the speculated growing role for biologic agents as therapies; that is, it makes inferences about disease modification and impact upon mortality. In the latter respect, it offers evidence-based reviews and practice guidelines, aspects often lacking in similar undertakings. There is a particular emphasis on objective measures for monitoring disease progress, an exercise becoming more important as survival potentially increases, and on management that might be rendered from a multidisciplinary perspective. Illustrations and roentgenograms are outstanding. The bibliographies at each chapter end are extensive and relevant. A final chapter on miscellaneous interstitial lung diseases deals with exceptional rarities and leaves no stone unturned.

The book achieves its intended goals well. This edition features extraordinary elaboration upon the fourth edition of 2003, adding over 200 pages. For average practitioners, it is useful but unlikely to be regularly consulted, but for pulmonologists, it is unquestionably the ultimate reference on this topic. I
would consider it a very practical resource to add to my personal library.