Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care

ISBN: 978-1-60795-010-3




December 2009
900 Pages
ISBN 978-1-60795-010-3
US $44.95

Haresh M. Kirpalani, BM, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lond), FRCPC, MSc.
Professor of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lennox Huang, MD, FAAP 
Associate Chair (Clinical) and Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University
Deputy Chief of Pediatrics
 McMaster Children's Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario

Michael J. Michenko, RN, BScN
Education and Development Clinician
Clinical Practice and Education
Hamilton, Ontario

Mark Duffett, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, RPh
Staff Pharmacist
McMaster Children’s Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario


The Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care distills the salient information required to provide state-of-the-art care for the acutely ill and injured child into a concise, readily useful guide. Providing timely and appropriate care is a daunting challenge for frontline caregivers, early response and transport teams, and pediatric and critical care trainees. This manual delivers the basic information and practical advice needed by those who provide urgently needed care to children in a format that occupies the middle ground between the voluminous, highly detailed textbook and the “to do” lists that provide no physiological background for the approach presented.

An introduction for beginners and a valuable aid for those already engaged in the care of acutely ill children, the Manual of Pediatric Intensive Care comprises contributions from specialists from around the world, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists.

Key Features
  • Stresses the importance of team dynamics, ethical decision-making, and family involvement in care;
  • Concise, clearly organized delivery of basic and essential information needed on the spot by ICU care providers;
  • Special chapters on septic shock, toxicology, and oncology.