Andrew’s Pediatric Thromboembolism and Stroke, 4/e

ISBN: 9781607950974




Pub Date: July 2014

ISBN: 9781607950974

Previous Edition ISBN: 1550093584

Format: Softcover

Subject Area: Pediatrics

Pages: 250

Price: 39.95


About the Book 

Several hundred thousand episodes of thromboemblic incidents are experienced in children every year. World recognized expert, Dr. Monagle, has studied thousands of cases and based on his research, he provides the reader with guidelines for the proper diagnosis and therapies.  Andrew’s Pediatric Thromboembolism and Stroke, Fourth Edition, presents guidelines for initiating and monitoring existing and new drug therapies for the treatment of thromboembolic complications in children. 



Practitioners and trainees in pediatrics, cardiovascular disease, critical care, hematology and cardiothoracic surgery


About the Author

Paul T. Monagle MD (Melbourne, Australia) is affiliated with Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia.