Advanced Therapy of Breast Disease, 3/e

ISBN: 9781607950943




Pub Date: March/April 2012
Previous Edition ISBN: 9781550092622
Format: Casebound
Subject Area: Oncology
Pages: 1522
Price: 279.00


About the Book 


The third edition of Advanced Therapy of Breast Disease will enable practitioners to expand the scope of their practice and incorporate life-saving and quality of life improving options for a greater number of patients. It captures where we are now in our ability to provide treatments that didn’t exist even a short time ago, given the ever-increasing pace of the evolution of breast cancer therapy.


Real advances have been made, and this volume offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of breast cancer pathology, biology, and therapy, as well as the consequences of the disease and its treatment.


Key Selling Features

  • Foreword by George W. Sledge, Jr., MD
  • Presents a multidisciplinary model for the appropriate treatment of breast disease.
  • Includes existing therapies, novel approaches, innovative technologies, and targeted therapies.


Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists