Weight Management: Childhood and Adolescence FAQs

ISBN: 1-55009-343-6




Pediatric obesity is an epidemic in the USA and other developed countries affecting more than 30% of children. Weight Management: Childhood and Adolescence FAQs, part of the Geisinger Healthcare System FAQs series, is intended as a patient education resource for patients, family members, and the physicians who treat them. The book succinctly explains what obesity is, what contributes to so many children being obese, and how to determine if your child is obese. The authors provide brief, focused answers to common questions and important tips on what you can do as a parent to help you, your child, and your family live healthier lives. The text offers discussions of the different methods of treating childhood obesity before it creates significant problems into adulthood. The focus is on treating obesity through awareness, lifestyle changes, physical activity and nutrition. As with all titles in the FAQ Series, this book works to educate patients and provide concise, current information for common health conditions.