Evidence-Based Gastroenterology

ISBN: 1-55009-105-0




Evidence-Based Gastroenterology provides a synthesis of evidence-based literature from the field of gastroenterology. Written by an international panel of world-renowned experts, it highlights the most important clinical issues currently facing gastroenterologists.

The authors illustrate how they systematically assembled and critically assessed the evidence pertaining to a specific disease. They show how to apply that evidence to problem-solving in daily clinical practice. Supporting evidence is graded using a three-point scale and then further divided into five subcategories. This grading method enables the reader to rapidly identify the optimal approach for specific patient management.

What sets Evidence-Based Gastroenterology apart from others in the field is that it allows the reader to see how evidence has been gathered and appraised and how it may be applied in the clinical setting. Evidence-Based Gastroenterology is an extremely valuable resource for those concerned with the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of disorders. It identifies important advances and serves as a guide for future research in gastroenterology.