Manual of Skin Surgery: A Practical Guide to Dermatologic Procedures, 2/e

ISBN: 9781607951582




Pub Date: APRIL 2012

ISBN: 9781607951582

Previous Edition ISBN: 97800471134114

Format: Softcover

Subject Area: Dermatology
Pages: 250
Price: 89.95


About the Book 

Manual of Skin Surgery offers a clear, step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of dermatologic surgery-from anatomy and diagnosis to preoperative preparation and assessment, operative technique, and postoperative care. This book combines thorough coverage of the most commonly performed procedures with special topics such as the workup and management of melanoma and the indications for Mohs surgery. The information on dermatologic procedures is presented in an easy-to-use fashion that will be of great practical value to students and clinicians, regardless of specialty.



Dermatologists, dermatologic surgeons, dermatology residents, medical students, and all physicians who perform skin surgery.


About the Author


David J. Leffell MD

David P. Smith Professor of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology

Chief, Section of Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology

Department of Dermatology

Yale University School of Medicine

New Haven, Connecticut

Marc D. Brown, MD

Professor of Dermatology

University of Rochester Medical Center

Rochester, New York