Clinically Relevant Electrocardiography

ISBN: 1-55009-342-8




This book aims to offer readers of various educational levels and clinical foci the opportunity to learn electrocardiography from basic recognition of tracings and terminology to a deeper understanding of fine detail. Using researched case studies, sample electrocardiograms, and clinical vignettes, the book is an insightful learning resource for family practitioners, nurses, internists and cardiologists who use ECG to assess all matters of the heart-from palpitations to angina pectoris. The ability to read an electrocardiogram is a skill that is applied at every turn in the daily clinical management of illness. In the ED evaluation of chest pain, where time is of the essence, there is no tool that gives more objective information in so short a time than the ECG. This book will serve both as a study guide for students, and a handy clinical manual for practitioners.