Your Pocket Size Dental Drug Reference

ISBN: 9781607951612




Pub Date: May 2012
Format: Softcover

Subject Area: Dental Pharmacology

Pages: 88
US Price: $19.95

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About the Book 

This pocket size booklet is a compilation of prescribed drugs and therapeutic regimens useful in the treatment of common oral diseases and conditions.

The drugs are grouped according to their class of action or use for a specific condition. Every effort has been made to ensure that drug selection and dosage is in accordance with current recommendations and practice. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but is provided to give an overview at the pharmaceuticals available and the protocols that have been developed. The number at medications within each category has intentionally been limited so that the booklet may be conveniently placed in an apparel pocket. Oral pathologists and other clinicians who have an interest in oral medicine have successfully used the specialized protocols listed. Some regimens are off-label use.

 Key Selling Features

·         User friendly make it easy to find the information you need at a glance

·         Fits in your pocket

·         Drugs are grouped according to their class of action or use for a specific condition


Dental Students and practicing Dentist and Oral Pathologist and Oral Surgeons.

About the Author

Michael A. Kahn, DDS (Boston, MA) is affiliated with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Table of Contents

I.       Antibiotics and Antimicrobials

II.       Antihistamines and Palliative Coating Agents

Ill.      Topical Anesthetics, Chemical Cauterizers, Keratolytic Agent

IV.      Antifungals

V.       immunosuppressives, Occlusive Dressings, Compounds

VI.      Antiviral Agents/Viral Blocking Agents/Germicidal

VII.     Muscle Relaxants

VIII.    Antianxiety (Anxiolytics) Agents for Stress Management

IX.      Antidepressants

X.       Analgesics

XI.      Local Anesthetics

XII.     Vasoactive Drugs

XIII.    Antixerostomic Preparations and Fluoride Gels/Rinses

XIV     Tooth Desensitizers

XV.     Hemostatic Agents (Topical and IV)

XVI.    Burning Mouth Syndrome, Neuralgia and Myofascial Pain

XVII.   Nutrient Deficient and Supplement Therapies

XVIII. Taste and Smelt Disorder Therapies

XIX.    Over-the-Counter Oral Rinses and Products for Mouth Pain

XX.     Herbal and Nonherbal Remedies

XXI.    Management of Patients Receiving Radiation or Chemotherapy

XXII.   HIV Infection and AIDS

XXIII.  Halitosis

XXIV. Prescription Requirements and Safe Writing Practices